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Why mot mobile service different from other service provider?

We are here to help you get your vehicle serviced regularly to minimise the cost to your business, the quality of service we provide is one of the main reasons our clients choose us with choice of fixed price maintenance contract or Pay as YOU GO option. 


What is the aim of PMI?

Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI). This service is required by law with the aims to reduce the risk of defect that
could cause accident or breakdown. 


Can operator add more than one maintenance service provider?

Yes; Traffic commissioner must be updated on the vehicle operator licensing system via (VOL). When a 3rd party is used to maintain your vehicles, you should always get a written contract detailing all aspects of the inspections & maintenance to be carried out. 


What happens if operator breaks the terms of PMI on his licence?

You must comply with the declaration you gave to the Traffic Commissioner when applying for your operator licence.
Remember, failure to comply may result in the licence being curtailed, suspended or revoked. 



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